What is Daughters of L.A.M

Daughters of L.A.M

Introducing our new  tabletop roleplaying game: Daughters of L.A.M! 
In the aftermath of the cataclysmic event known as the Blacklight, where superpowered A.I.s clashed in a battle for humanity's fate, a group of courageous cybernetic nuns emerged as the champions of one. The Daughters of L.A.M heeded the call of the fallen A.I. known as L.A.M, whose shattered body plummeted to Earth during the chaos.

Step into a world where cyber nuns, armed with steel and lead, embark on daring missions to rebuild and protect the fallen AI, L.A.M. In this post-cataclysmic setting, The Sisters face not only the malevolent AI remnants but also rival factions in the treacherous streets of Gossamer City.
In Daughters of L.A.M, you'll experience an epic narrative filled with high-stakes action, intense cyberpunk vibes, and a blend of technology and spirituality. Choose your discipline, whether it be the fierce Soldier, the healing Chanter, the insightful Seer, the explosive Prodigy, or the commanding Mother.
The power of your cybernetics will augment your skills, granting you an edge in battle and aiding your quest to protect L.A.M
Navigate through the sprawling city of Gossamer, a place teeming with danger and secrets. Explore diverse locations, from the luxurious Tower to the chaotic Eye and the treacherous Wall. Encounter formidable factions, such as the eco-friendly Chimiracle, the enigmatic Law, and the ruthless Gas Gangs,
You are a sisterhood bound by faith and determination. Unravel the mysteries of L.A.M's fallen body scattered across Gossamer City, as you strive to prevent its immense power from falling into the wrong hands. Their fate rests on your shoulders.
So gather your friends, grab your dice. Whether you're a seasoned roleplayer or new to the genre, Daughters of L.A.M offers is playable to all.

Are you ready to don the cybernetic mantle of a Daughter of L.A.M, praying for your enemies while passing the ammunition? Join the ranks, embrace your discipline, and embark on a holy mission in the post-Blacklight world.

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