Greetings Dead Tree Fans! And welcome to our Fallout: Equestria Page

If you are new to the Fallout Equestria PnP please click below and read the rules on how to play.

Link to Fallout Equestria PnP Quick Start: Quick Start Drop Box

With that you now have everything you need to know to play under the Master List System.  If you are looking for our expansions you can find them in our store here:




Fallout Equestria PnP Master System Character Sheet: Here

Times are changing and along side our printable character sheets we have our automated google sheets character sheet. That handles most math for you. 

Warning! The Master List System Character Sheet is programmed to auto update its fields. As such, every field in Green should not be modified unless you are adding a “-(number)” or “+(number)” at the end of the equation (ie +30 because you took a perk that gives you +30 max HP), or else you run the risk of breaking the character sheet (You can change your level by inputting the amount of Experience points required for that level). Fields in Blue are “Current” Fields. They work off of an adjacent “Total” Field and may be modified as you wish but we suggest using “-(number)” or “+(number)” at the end of the equation for best results (ie for the current health field, you’d have “K3-25” for 25 points of damage taken and then when you heal that damage you’d erase the -25. For adding more damage taken you can just add more “-(number)”s to the end.

Also to use the character sheet you must go to: >File >Make a Copy, and make a separate copy of the character sheet.