About Us

Dead Tree Studios is a tabletop games studio based out of Wilmington, DE, and founded by 5 friends with a longstanding passion for table top. We hope to bring fun and exciting table top experiences to the world at large.

Dead Tree Studios was founded in November 2014 with a singular purpose: Bring a new level of insanity to the gaming community. Starting off with the ever fun and popular "Fallout Equestria: PnP" they pulled a Pixar Studios during drunken escapades one night, and planned out the next slew of projects for the next 10+ years.

We make tabletop games, because leaving the 80's scares the shit out of us

Meet the team



Ze'Quan “Zen” Carroll

Our lead game designer, responsible for all the nitty gritty rules and mechanics and making sure they work as intended.

Lévis “L9OBL” Lalancette

Dead Tree's creative director / project manager. He claims to be busy keeping things on track and making sure things happen, but it looks a lot like eating bon-bons and telling us to work faster.

Nick “Moonhoof” Lapallo

The lead writer, tasked with turning coffee into words. It's his fault you like the world so much. No, he won't apologize.

Jonathan “Ty Trance” Brown

Our webmaster, concept artist and local lich. He only exists in this mortal realm to spite god.

Steven “Biscayne11” Wood

The Editor in Chief. Honestly, he's only in it to review your hate mail with an angry red pen.

Sara “Scorpion Tail” Wood

Our other editor. She makes the words do the grammar thing.