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Fiaura The Tank Girl

Fiaura is a YouTube and Twitch streamer, video game personality, and scientist. She works to do reviews as well as create content for various fandoms including My Little Pony. This in addition to scientifically analyzing those fandoms and trying to determine how to make the science fiction or even cartoonish elements into real science that we can understand and look forward to build or say that at present we don't know and can't solve.
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MonsterReviewGirl is a YouTube streamer/content creator who focuses on video games and monsters, taking a mature look at the Monster Girl fandom when she can.
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Nuclear Horseman Studios

Nuclear Horseman Studios is striving to make Fallout: Equestria audio drama series. The Storyteller – A Fallout: Equestria Lore series and the music made by Coolman Stan of Ctrl- Alt-X and StableTwoStallion in the expanded universe inspired by Kkat's fic Fallout: Equestria. We hope fans new and old will enjoy what we create... "Nuclear Horseman Studios: Rad Entertainment!"
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