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Dames of Asstoria

Squid girl destroying an Asstorian sailing ship.

Greetings Dead Tree Fans! 

As we have been saying for the last few months we have been in the process of transferring our Website over to shopify so everything is hosted here and not split between two URLs. You can consider this post one part test, one part hello world, and one part Dames of Asstoria update! woot. lol.

So what is new with Dames of Asstoria? If you haven't been following our Indiegogo? LOTS! We've been play testing as much as we can, the CRB is as done...  minus the Index which should be done this week. We also released a demo PDF to the indiegogo supporters so they can look through it and critique it before it goes to print.

Once the Index is done, a proof is going to be done so we can make sure everything prints nicely and colour tune accordingly. That should *hopefully arrive before the end of July, but if not will arrive while we are at GenCon.

After we have gotten the proof back and made adjustments we will be sending the book to print and send the official digital copies to those who bought them. Worst case this happens mid August, with Physical books being mailed in September. 

As such we will be locking down rewards and addresses July 29th. 

That's everything for now! We look forward to seeing you at GenCon!

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