The Gilded Cage: Fallout Equestria PnP Bestiary - Digital Download
Dead Tree Studios

The Gilded Cage: Fallout Equestria PnP Bestiary - Digital Download

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The wasteland is rife with dangers, and this book will tell you all about them. Filled with pre-stated creatures and monsters of the wastes, like Cazadores, Hydras, Hospital horrors and even the dreaded Rad Roach, as well as lore, loot and unique monster perks and traits for building your own monstrosities! Do you have what it takes to face them? Open this Pandora's box to find out! Now available for digital download.


The Fallout Equestria PnP is a d10 base, magical post-apocalyptic table top role playing game set in a dystopian future, 200 years after Megaspells (magic nukes) destroyed everything. Players will find themselves in a land of adventure and intrigue where they must use, magic, weapons, and their wits to survive everything that the wasteland, and their Game Master throw at them to survive, or become another victim of the wastes.

Now with those things all set, you are ready to go. Grab your dice, your gear, and always remember to dig an extra grave. It’s a
nightmare out there.

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