Minotaur Race Expansion - Digital Download
Dead Tree Studios

Minotaur Race Expansion - Digital Download

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Dear Diary

Have have you ever seen a minotaur. I mean we’ve all heard stories of a caravan hand that knew a prospector, that met an adventurer, who once talked to a bar tender that once met one while he was tending his bar one dark and stormy night. And we normally disregard these stories. Now I’m not saying the stories are true but I am saying that the minotaurs are REAL.

I’ve come across some of their tribal camps while on my adventure to explore the Equestrian Wasteland. At first I thought they were mutants, but on further inspection I found that they were indeed the minotaurs of legend. I’ll keep my distance from the more, raidery camps. I’ve talked with a few of the more “civilized” camps. My little ponies let me tell you about my newest citizens the minotaurs.
-Princess Mary Sue

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