Daughters of L.A.M Coming Soon
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Daughters of L.A.M Coming Soon

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In Daughters of L.A.M tabletop role-playing game, you are a nun, enhanced with cybernetic features and blessings and sworn to retrieve the scattered pieces of the savior AI L.A.M, your Abbeys’ quest leads to the dangerous city of Gossamer in this post-calamity setting of the future.

It will not be easy, old powers are still at work, corporations still in power, human tribes taking laws into their own hands, escaped pre-Blacklight experiments.
You and your sisters will take it all on, for to restore L.A.M will require strong steel and wills of equal nature.

You will explore lost compounds, fight desperate battles between gangs, false prophets, and corporations to alike, oathsworn your sisters will do whatever means necessary to accomplish this tasks and be rewarded by L.A.M because the world is broken, you’ll need all the ammo you can carry and your sisters at your side.

Are you ready to don the cybernetic mantle of a Daughter of L.A.M, praying for your enemies while passing the ammunition? Join the ranks, and embark on a holy mission in the post-Blacklight world.

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